Over the last few years we have seen a drastic shift in the way people are choosing to work. With the implementation of shared office space and techy style/highly romanticized by companies like Google and Apple, it is no wonder why many individuals, smaller companies and entrepreneurs are desiring a similar style work environment and are shying away from the seemingly stuffy and corporate feel of cubicle-cluttered offices.

Coworking Trends Rise in Fort Lauderdale

These smaller businesses represent a significant force in cities such as Fort Lauderdale, and they are searching for homes within the new desired aesthetic of luxury and contemporary design and buildings located in areas of hyper-development. Taking this apparent shift into account, all signs are pointing towards the slow demise of the more traditional office layout (ahem cubicles), yet hidden within this demise is a great and seemingly unnoticed opportunity.

Many individuals are shying away from the seemingly stuffy and corporate feel of cubicle-cluttered offices.

Ariel Mullen, Esq.

Demand for the Luxury Workspace

With this new aesthetic in such high demand, real estate prices are skyrocketing and opportunities to have a cost-effective, modern layout in a popular redeveloping area are becoming slimmer. Take, for example, downtown Fort Lauderdale. This area is undergoing such drastic changes that prices are through the roof, yet it has quickly become the most popular place to work and socialize.

All of the sudden, the contemporary open-style office layout in Fort Lauderdale is a very viable option. Enjoy the convenience of being near the ground and the pizzazz of being near the heart of downtown.

Developing Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale’s redevelopment is very exciting and has occurred in rapid timing. Where will people go to find this new open space aesthetic? Hidden underneath most of the old buildings in the area are the bare bones, concrete, and steel. Concrete and steel represent the foundation for this new contemporary aesthetic— take SkySPACES, we’ve meticulously picked out glass, designer furniture, and luxurious finishes and boom: You have a modern shared office space that stands out above the rest, with that modern contemporary feel.

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